I have a case where a company had issues with users started to forward e-mail with power automate even that external forwarding is blocked in Exchange. This issue can occur even if the user do not have a power automate license since they anyway can initiate the service themselves.

To make this more usable we also create a mail-enabled group in my case a Office 365 group. This can be a distribution group aswell. I name my group to bypass-flow-forwardblock. Note the SMTP address for later configuration.

Go to “Exchange Admin Center=>Mail flow=>Rules+Create a new rule” see my configuration below

As you can see here I do an exception based on the group I created before. This means if you have a special need for an account to bypass and forward e-mail with power automate you can add it to this group.

When I did the exception I had problem to find the group. The only option was to select a user. I solved this with paste the smtp address and check name. Than the group was correct populated.

And now users are noticed to remove external forwarding from Power Automate jobs.